How is AR Relevant?

The applications of Augmented Reality are quite a few. The AR technology could be used in almost all aspects of our lives and particularly in allowing one to see and explore objects, as if they were in front the person watching.



AR is particularly useful in shopping and choosing consumer products. While online shopping has its limitations through the use of the Augmented Reality technology one can now see products in full size and detail essentially bringing the showroom to their home.  One is then able to make wiser decision when shopping online. Moreover, AR is used to create additional interest towards already existing products. Including AR games to a Coca Cola  bottle or a KFC bucket would help generate additional sales.


Visualising architectural projects no longer requires the creation of scaled physical 3D model. Through the use of Augmented Reality you can visualise and explore all architectural models regardless of their complexity. Any changes made to that projects could easily updated while that is not the case with real life physical models. Showing anyone the models you want them to see just requires the downloading an application to your smart phone or tablet.


Through the use of Augmented Reality artists can now display their artwork in a new amazing ways. Not only can they create new digital art accessible to anyone but they can also transform their old art into 3d models that can then be seen in real size and detail by anyone, thus creating virtual galleries. The possibilities of Augmented Reality in art are endless.


Augmented Reality and education can work together in truly amazing ways. Students will be able to visualise all kind of things that were previously inaccessible to them. The human anatomy, wild animals, physics elements, fossils, and ancient artefacts can all brought to your home or classroom giving you a perspective of education that was previously unavailable or limited to virtual reality.


The gaming industry is constantly growing and the technical improvements in those devices like smartphones and tablets now allow us to invent more and more ways of playing games. The AR technology can be implemented in amazing way thus creating a whole new genre of games; the Augmented Reality games. AR games will enable us to merge the digital with the real world creating unique new game experiences.

Culture and Tourism:

It is needless to say that AR can be used in amazing ways when it comes to tourism and culture. AR can be used to reconstruct ancient sites, guide tourists through locations of interest, and give them access to information presented presented to them in amazing fashion. One would just need to scan different markers throughout the city to access information in different digital forms, from music to video, 3d models and even virtual guides.